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INTERVIEW: Brooke Eden On Her Comeback Trilogy



Brooke Eden joined Dan via Zoom to chat about her new trilogy of songs – her first new music in over 4 years, as well as music videos, the personal challenges she’s faced in the industry and more.

Check out her latest track ‘Sunroof’ here:

Speaking about the three new songs she’s recorded, Brooke explained:

“Right after I released ‘Act Like You Don’t’, I met the love of my life, Hilary. She’s changed my life 100% for the better, and it’s reflecting into my music. For these first three songs, it was important to me that they said something but they left you feeling happy, and after the year that we’ve all just been through, we all deserve lightness. That’s what this music was for me; an exhale”

Check out the full interview below…

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