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INTERVIEW: Caroline Jones On ‘What A View’, Monthly New Releases, Working With Zac Brown & More!



Caroline Jones joined Dan via Zoom to chat about her monthly series of new music, which kicked off with the terrific ‘What A View’, as well as giving us the lowdown on working with Zac Brown, Grammy-award winning producer Ric Wake, and much more! Check out the full Zoom video below.

Speaking about her new ‘one song a month’ strategy as opposed to an album, Caroline explained: “I’ve been wanting to gear my career towards this release format for a while, based on the way I consume music, and there’s nobody that loves music more than me. Our world is changing so fast, so being able to adapt with the times and technology is important. It’s also very freeing, because you can still release an album, but now we’re able to release a single every month, or an EP, or a documentary; there are so many creative forms to releasing music, and that’s so exciting to me”.

The next song in the series will be ‘Intimacy’ (out this Friday), and Caroline has prepared a fully choreographed dance video alongside it. “It’s pretty different for me; some would call the production alternative-pop. I love dancing, I dance all the time, and I used to take classes. We got Candace Brown, who’s worked with Janet Jackson and Beyonce, to choreograph it, and I trained for a week. It was so much fun; it’s a joy to challenge yourself creatively in a completely different craft, and it breathed new life into all my other crafts. To dip your toe into a craft that you don’t put as much pressure on yourself in, it opens up your mind. It’s something I want to do more of, and something I want to do on stage too.”

Check out the rest of the interview below…

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