INTERVIEW: Casey Donahew (Coming To The UK For Texas Music Takeover)


Hey Casey, Dan here from – it’s great to speak to you! Thanks so much for your time. 

Whereabouts are you right now, just out of interest?

We have a few days off so I am home with the family in Fort Worth Texas

How’s the ‘All Night Party’ tour been over the summer? The crowds have looked insane!

It’s been a great summer, the fan response has been amazing and we got to play some fantastic shows

You’re celebrating 15 years of independent music this year, an impressive milestone! The fans have stayed very loyal to you throughout that time. Why do you think you’ve been able to maintain that connection with your fan base so well?

I think we stayed true to ourselves, we are regular guys who play music and I think there is a level of believability that translates to our fans

Guys like yourself and Aaron Watson have proved that you don’t necessarily need the backing of a label to make your mark. It must be so great to have the creative freedom that you have, particularly now the genre’s so commercialised?

I couldn’t imagine a world where somebody was telling em what to sing or wear or say! Being an independent artist is very important to me, and knowing we have accomplished what we have on our own is rewarding

Tell us about the contrast between Texas and Nashville – obviously Texas has its own thriving country music scene, but was there ever a temptation very early in your career to try your luck in Nashville?

We are a nationally touring act, we spend 150 days a year on the road touring coast to coast, the biggest difference in us is that we do it as an independent act, and we are managed by my wife. So it’s all accomplished from our home in Fort Worth Texas

Introduce us to your band! You must feel incredibly lucky to have had such a rocking bunch of musicians behind you for so many years.

Steve Stone is our bass player and the glue that hold its together, he’s been with us since the band started and one of my best friends. John Newsome plays lead guitar and we write songs together, Darren Barry plays guitar and sings harmony

The success of the ‘All Night Party’ album last year was astonishing. #3 on the Billboard Country Albums Chart and Top 40 on the Hot 100 chart. I know you’ve had so much success to date but does it still come as a surprise to see your name up there with the major label artists?

It’s always humbling to have that kind of success, I put more stock in fan reaction thoughI want to know that fans that have followed us for 15 years are still happy with the music we are making

You worked with critically-acclaimed producer Josh Leo on the latest album. What was Josh like to work with and what did he add to the project?

He’s a true pro! He’s been doing this since I was born and knocking out hits with super stars, we were lucky he decided to work with us and hopefully we can do it again

Your latest single ‘Kiss Me’ is at radio worldwide now. For anyone who hasn’t heard the track yet, tell us about what the song means to you and why you decided to release it as the lead single?

It’s immediately jumped out to me when I heard it done. I thought it had a sound that could cut though in major radio, me and my guitar player John newsome wrote this on the bus and it was just that feeling of awkwardness that sets in before a first kiss

You also released a music video (which we will link below). Do you enjoy that side of things, being involved in the creative side?

I’m not a huge fan of the video process, it’s a lot of repetition. I did really enjoy the video for whiskey baby cause it was a western theme

Tell us about your upcoming album ’15 Years, The Wild Ride’ which is coming this fall, and what fans can expect from it.

It’s a throw back to the begging of this band, a tribute to the fans and songs that got us 15yrs down the road

You’re coming over to the UK in October to take part in the Texas Music Takeover which I’m sure will be a fantastic week. How much are you looking forward to getting over here?

I’m excited, I’ve never been to the U.K. So I’m excited to see if we have some fans over the pond that are into our music

Have you heard much about how country music is growing in the UK, and why do you think it’s become so universally appealing?

Again I think people are drawn to the stories. I think that’s alway been what drives country music

Thanks so much for your time Casey, we’re all looking forward to having you on our shores very soon!

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