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INTERVIEW: Cassadee Pope On Her Upcoming Acoustic Album, ‘Rise and Shine’



Cassadee Pope joined Dan via Zoom to chat about her upcoming acoustic record, ‘Rise and Shine’, including the songwriters, stories behind some of the songs, finding a whole new level of vulnerability and more, as well as discussing her recent collaboration with Leaving Austin!

Talking about the album and what it meant to her to finally do an acoustic record, Cassadee explained:

“I really wanted to get something out quickly and I feel like these songs lent themselves well to an acoustic record. It feels like the world is in a situation where there’s not a lot of things to distract yourself from your thoughts and whatever you’re going through, and I feel like this project is a mirror image of that; there’s not much to distract you from the lyrics and the melodies”

It’s intended as a sneak peek at what’s to come from Cassadee in the future, and she explained how she wants a slight change in direction for her next full-band project:

“I really wanted it to be a preview of what’s to come with my full band stuff that I haven’t started recording yet but I know exactly where I want to go with it. I want to go more in the pop-rock direction, so I’ve tried to give a hint at that with the production, in terms of the open tuning and being a little bit more emo-sounding. That was the intention with the sound. As far as the lyrics go, I really wanted it to feel reflective, because a lot of these songs are about times in my life that were big obstacles that I had to overcome”

Check out the full interview below…

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