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INTERVIEW: Charlie Worsham Gets Brutally Honest On ‘Fist Through This Town’ & Shares New Music Details



Charlie Worsham joined us via Zoom to chat about his latest single ‘Fist Through This Town’, what to expect from his next project, working with Eric Church and more!

Check out ‘Fist Through This Town’ HERE

The new single is the first taste of Charlie’s brand new EP, coming later this year, with a second track titled ‘Believe In Love’ set for release this Friday. In a brutally honest recollection of the events that inspired ‘Fist Through This Town’, Charlie explained:

“It’s not where I am right now, but it’s where I’ve been. It could have been the 2014 tour where Sam Hunt was exploding, he played 15 minutes and I had to fill up 45 minutes with a lot of people thinking ‘who is this guy?’, and it was a rough patch for me. I didn’t always deal with it in a healthy way. I always grabbed a hold of my anger, and what I’ve learned is that anger and fear are two sides of the same coin. As long as I suited up in my anger, I didn’t have to admit how scared I was that I wasn’t going to have a seat at the table in music. That’s deep down what it was all about, this fear.”

Check out the rest of the fascinating chat with Charlie below:

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