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INTERVIEW: Chris Moreno On His New Music, Musical Background, Life In Nashville & More!



Chris Moreno, one of the three artists included in our ‘DC Introduces’ initiative at Destination Country, joined Dan via Zoom recently to talk about his new music, his musical background, how he’s found life in Nashville and more!

Chris is a Nashville recording artist, who in just a short period of time has been making waves as an up and coming artist to watch. His loyal fan base which started in Boston is quickly expanding. He was nominated for Best Country Artist two years in a row by the New England & Boston Music Awards, as well as best songwriter, and best song (Before You). 

Chris’s latest single “Where I’ve Been”, released in April 2020, was featured on one of Spotify’s officially curated playlists and the song has received high praise from press outlets all over the world. He currently has over 400k total streams and 5,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. 

Check out the interview below:

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