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INTERVIEW: Devin Dawson On His New EP, ‘The Pink Slip’



Devin Dawson joined Dan via Zoom to chat about his brand new EP, ‘The Pink Slip’, delving into the songwriting, new sound, working with Jay Joyce and more!

Stream ‘The Pink Slip’ here:

Introducing the EP and what it represents about where he’s at in his career, following a smash-hit songwriting hit with ‘God’s Country’ and a #1 as an artist with ‘One Beer’ alongside HARDY and Lauren Alaina, Devin says:

“I think the biggest thing to say is that I’ve come a long way and I’ve grown a lot in the last three or four years, since Dark Horse and who I was when writing that album and that song in particular. I was troubled and haunted a little bit, and didn’t have financial or mental stability. I was figuring out what I was going to do as far as music goes, and getting an opportunity to do it on a bigger scale.

But through all that, I’ve had a really good three years (with a lot of ups and downs). Of course, there are always a lot of ballads and sad songs that I write, because I gravitate towards that. I like playing that vulnerable, introspective lyric guy, but it shaped out for this EP that the ones that came together were these six songs, and they gave out this different air of how happy the last few years have made me, and trying to make sense of that”

Check out the full interview below…

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