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INTERVIEW: Eric Paslay On ‘Heartbeat Higher’, New Music & More!



Eric Paslay joined Dan via Zoom to discuss his new single ‘Heartbeat Higher’ (featuring Sarah Buxton), plans for more new music and much more, including his harrowing experience during the Nashville tornado earlier this year.

On the new single, Eric said that he’s always been a huge fan of Sarah Buxton as a writer and vocalist, so it was natural to have her on the single after they co-wrote the track. “If anyone doesn’t know who Sarah Buxton is, they hear the track and are like ‘who is that?’ because she’s just so good. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since I heard her voice years ago, and we’ve written a bunch of great songs together. From the moment we wrote the song, she’s been singing on it, so it just had to be!”

Eric is due to go on tour with The Shires in the UK later this year (due to start in October), something which he has been greatly looking forward to for a while. Speaking about that collaboration, and the origins of that connection, Eric explained, “I’ve written with Ben before, and got to hang with Crissie a little bit. I was thrilled! Here in Nashville, if you tell anyone you want to tour in the UK, they’ll tell you that you need to open for The Shires. They’re the biggest thing over there. I remember Ben texting me one morning and he was like ‘hey mate, are you free to come tour with us?’, and it was so cool for him to reach out before all the big companies sorted it out. We should be there right now, but it wasn’t meant to be. Fingers crossed!”

Download/stream the new single here:

Check out the full chat below…

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