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INTERVIEW: Gary LeVox On His Solo EP, Touring, Country Record & More



Rascal Flatts front man Gary LeVox joins us for an interview to chat about his new solo EP One On One, touring plans (including hopes for the UK next year!), and what to expect from his solo country record, set for release later this year!

The five song collection includes multiple collaborations, including the likes of Breland, MercyMe and Gary’s daughter, Brittany. Gary describes it as his “passion project”, and a collection that he’s been yearning to create for a while:

“It’s been incredible, it really has. I just wanted to take advantage of this whole new start and new season, and I’m on fire for it. I’ve always wanted to do a gospel record. I’ve got a solo country record coming out in the fall, a song in the new Liam Neeson movie called “We Got Fight”, so I’m thrilled. I’ve been writing my brains out – I’m on cloud nine, I really am.”

There’s also some promising news for UK fans, as Gary tells us about his hopes for a visit next year:

“I love it over there, I love it. Promoters are still really trying to figure out what’s open and what isn’t, but definitely when I put the big tour together for next year, I’ll definitely have the UK on the schedule.”

Check out the full interview with Gary LeVox below:

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