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INTERVIEW: Granger Smith On His New Double Album, ‘Country Things’



Granger Smith joined Dan via Zoom to give us the lowdown on his new 16-track double album, ‘Country Things’, chatting about how the meaning of the album has changed in the 2 years since writing much of it, as well as how he tapped into his personal, family-orientated life for song inspiration.

Speaking about the album, and how the meaning of the songs have taken a turn for him personally in the crazy year that 2020 has been, Granger said:

“The important things in life are the things that money can’t buy. It’s everything to do with being in the moment and being with the people you love. That’s where ‘Country Things’ took a turn for me in the writing process and the recording. When 2020 hit and life changed, we really dialled in on those thoughts”

Stream/download ‘Country Things’ here:

Check out the interview below…

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