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INTERVIEW: Haley & Michaels On Their New Single ‘Hail Mary’, The C2C That Never Was & More!



Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels (Haley & Michaels) joined Dan via Zoom earlier this week to chat about their new single, ‘Hail Mary’, their experience at the C2C that never was, and lots more!

Speaking about their new single, which has garnered support from the likes of Bob Harris on Radio 2, and Chris Country, they said: “We’re so excited to have that one out. We wrote it about overcoming adversities in our life and we wanted it to be an uplifting message. Given the climate of the world right now, we thought it would be great timing and something people would want to hear. The support we’ve got has been so encouraging.”

The duo were set to perform at C2C back in March, which was cancelled due to travel restrictions in the US, and they talked about how it was such a strange experience during that week: “We were staying at the Intercontinental. Every morning we would go down for coffee, and it was just the two of us. It was like ‘The Shining’! The silver lining for us is that we ended up on the Radio 2 country festival with Bob Harris, and we got to meet a lot of the people who are on our team in the UK”

Check out the rest of the interview below: & Michaels.mp4


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