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INTERVIEW: Heath Sanders On His Major Label Debut EP, ‘Common Ground’



Heath Sanders joined Dan via Zoom to chat about his major label debut EP, Common Ground, including working with Dan Huff, writing with some of Nashville’s finest songwriters, and pushing his first official single to Country Radio.

Signed to The Valory Music Co. (Big Machine) and named as one of Pandora’s 2021 Country Artists To Watch, Heath draws upon a lifetime of early mornings and long days in his music to emerge as the new voice of the workingman. His first single, “Old School’s In” is now at Country Radio.

Speaking about the introductory project, Heath said:

“The EP for me was really just a sampler to folks. Every song on there is very different. We didn’t strike just one vein that we were really going for, we wanted to see what the feedback is and what songs they gravitate to. It’s really cool that they’ve gravitated towards my two favourite songs, ‘Common Ground’ and ‘Old School’s In’. Those two songs were really the basis of the EP and they embody who I am”

Check out the full interview below…

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