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INTERVIEW: Jason Charles Miller On His New Music, Songwriting & More



During this year’s CRS, we chatted with Virginia native Jason Charles Miller about his new music for this year, songwriting, hopes for 2021 and more!

As a solo artist, Jason has performed alongside and opened for country and rock greats including Billy Ray Cyrus, Alan Jackson, Eric Church, Toby Keith, Ashley McBryde, Allman Betts Band, .38 Special, Night Ranger, Gary Allan, Justin Moore, Big Kenny of Big And Rich and Jerrod Niemann.

Originally from Clifton, VA, Jason now lives in Los Angeles, CA where he owns and runs the successful recording complex Central Command Studios.

From The Wreckage, Pt. 1 is out now – check it out here:…/from-the-wreckage-pt-1

How have you found the last year, from an artist’s perspective? We’ve all been hit hard by the pandemic, but it’s been particularly difficult for musicians. Have you been doing many Zoom writes?

Quite a few!  In fact, I was thankfully hired to co-write 9 sings for a video game, and we wrote ALL of the songs over Zoom.  Plus I host a virtual songwriter round every Monday night on my Twitch channel, and we use Zoom to connect everyone.

For anyone here in the UK who maybe isn’t too familiar with you and your background, tell us about your path into country music and how it all started for you?

I guess at birth? Haha. I’m from the woods of Virginia so I guess that country lifestyle is in my bones.  I was way more into hard rock and metal when I was younger though, and didn’t start performing country until I was an adult.  Growing up, it was all rock!

We’d love to delve into your writing style – where do you typically get your inspiration from when you go into a writing session? Do you prefer solo writes or co-writes?

I find that I’m solo writing all the time.  I see and hear inspiration in everything that happens to me throughout my day.  I love co-writes though because it keeps me on my toes and challenges me to work as hard as the other writer or writers in the room (or on the Zoom!).

Tell us about your new music for 2021!

I have two albums! From The Wreckage, Pt. 1 is out now, and the other will be in October. I decided to split them up into two, as things are so uncertain about this year. Also, I’m already working on my album for 2022.

As tricky as it is to look ahead at the moment, what achievements do you hope to fulfil in 2021?

Just play a show! Haha. I launched my own Twitch channel and I stream 3 times a week. I have Miller’s Music Mondays, which always has another guest. I run it like a songwriter round, and have had a lot of amazing guests on like Ellis Hall from Tower of Power and Duane Betts from the Allman Betts Band. Then I host a song writing show on the Codename Games Twitch channel on Tuesdays, and then it’s back to my channel for Whatever You Want Wednesdays. It keeps my chops up and keeps me interacting with people, but nothing beats playing in front of a live audience!

As we’re based in the UK, we have to ask if you’d be interested in testing out the international country market at some point? The genre is growing very fast in Europe, and we’d love to welcome you across the pond!

Are you kidding? Of course! I’ve had 2 UK tours cancel in the last 2 years, one because the headliner I was opening for had to cancel (so that automatically cancelled me) and the other because of Covid. When they open those borders up, you won’t be able to stop me!

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