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INTERVIEW: Jordan Davis On His New EP, The C2C-That-Never-Was & More!



Jordan Davis joined Dan via Zoom to tell us all about his new self-titled EP (out now), the crazy events of this year’s C2C-that-never-was, and lots more!

Stream/download the EP here:

“I was listening to these songs on the way back from London. They were mixed, everything was done, and all we had to do was master them. I was like ‘these songs aren’t doing any good sitting in my inbox right now’, and the band wanted to play them live. We were shooting for an album later in the year, touring was up in the air, and it all came together and we said ‘let’s fast-track this and get it out’ – it’s a great segway from ‘Home State’ to this next album.”

One song in particular that has had a special reaction so far has been ‘Church In A Chevy’, an instant fan favourite. Speaking about that track, Jordan said: “That’s one of those songs I’ll be really happy to show Eloise one day. There are many reasons why I love that song from a songwriting standpoint, but when it comes to something you can hang your hat on, as far as an artist, songwriter and as a Dad, for me that’s the song. I hope it gets its day in the sun, it’s a special tune.”

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