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INTERVIEW: Josh Turner On “King Size Manger”



Josh Turner

Josh Turner joins us on the phone for an interview about his very first Christmas album King Size Manger, available everywhere now, discussing the creative challenges of writing original festive material, his involvement in arranging the songs, his all-star collaborations and more!

Fans will find the beloved classics “Silent Night, Holy Night,” “Go Tell It On The Mountain,” as well as “Joy To The World” featuring Grammy Award winning bluegrass singer Rhonda Vincent. The album also includes the poignant Scooter Carusoe/Tom Douglas track “Soldier’s Gift,” which is the album’s lead single.

Speaking about what the album means to him personally, Josh explains:

“I’m very excited about this. November will be 20 years that I’ve been doing this professionally, and one of the most common questions I’ve gotten is ‘Josh, when are you gonna do a Christmas record?’. My stock answer has always been ‘it’s on my list of things to do’. I’ve never really had the opportunity or the time, and it’s been tough because every year when Christmas rolls around and I hear these peers of mine that have music out, it made me feel left out! I think my fans are just elated about this and so am I, I’m very proud of this record”

Check out the full interview with Josh Turner below:

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