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INTERVIEW: Kaitlyn Baker On C2C, New Music & More!



Kaitlyn – first of all, thanks so much for teaming up with us at Destination Country for our ‘Live In Your Living Room’ event! As an artist, just how much has this pandemic affected your day-to-day life, and how important is it for people to get involved in online concerts whenever they can?

I am so honored to have been apart of that event with y’all. Thank YOU for supporting artists like myself. I am speaking not only for myself when I say this — Some of your favorite artists rely heavily on tour schedules and merchandise sales for income. It is crucial we keep the momentum going and continue to make positive direction in the realm of social media in a time like this. If there is one thing I know, it is the simple fact that music makes things better. This is affecting more than just the music industry and I really feel for anyone that is being directly impacted by this. As an independent artist, I just want to thank every person who has been supportive. It means more than you know! I also want to add, I have hope. I truly believe there is a light at the end of all of this uncertainty that we are all facing.

We were all so disappointed when C2C was cancelled at the last minute, but you didn’t let that prevent you from having a great weekend! For anyone who wasn’t there, tell us about what you got up to at the O2.

I was so disappointed when C2C cancelled but I totally understand the reason and appreciate them taking the proper protocols. There were so many fans left in London that could not get a refund for hotels, flights, and so on. With that being said, we announced a show in the O2 at All Bar One with King Calaway. I was overjoyed to find out we sold out the event within an hour. I met some of the most incredible people and can now say that I sold out my very first show in the UK! We had a blast with some of the best country music fans in the world!

So for anyone who isn’t too familiar with your music at this point, if you wouldn’t mind, give us a little overview of how a girl from Pound, Virginia forges her way into country music!

I have been surrounded by music my whole life. I come from a town where we don’t even have a red light. The population is maybe like 700! Music has always been my first love.

It’s been just over a year since the release of your ‘Blackbird’ EP, and I saw your post a few weeks ago where you were back in the studio. Might there be some new music on the horizon?

Yes, I am working on some new music! I’m very excited about it!

What can we expect from the next project? Are you the kind of artist that likes to keep fans guessing with every release, or will it be a similar vibe to your previous work?

This project is really still in the beginning stages so I am gonna keep everyone on their toes! I have a very cool collaboration I am incredibly excited about that is on the horizon though! I can’t wait for you guys to hear it!

You co-wrote all the songs on your last EP, which suggests you like to keep your work very personal and true.

As a songwriter, my songs are like my “babies!” There’s always a reason it was written. Even if it doesn’t make the cut, it is still special to me.

I was reading another interview of yours, and you mentioned how much of an influence your Grandmother had, in terms of the stories and characters you create in your music.

My mamaw is and was one of the driving sources of influence in my music. She was a single mother, worked 2 jobs to get by, she was rough around the edges, didn’t take any BS, and always instilled in me to never depend on a man. She had pretty terrible luck with her relationships and I guess you can say that she was very vocal about it.

So what’s the plan long-term for new music? Are you working towards an album or an EP at some point?

Of course! I’m always looking and writing new material I think could make for a great EP. As of now, I am really focusing on writing.

You’re going on tour with one of our good friends, Jade Helliwell, in September (hopefully we’re all free by then!). How did that tour come about?

First off, Jade is so great! I had the privilege of meeting her while I was in London. My manager has been working like crazy to set up some pretty incredible opportunities for me, this is one of them! I am so excited about this tour! 

What can people expect from a Kaitlyn Baker live show, if they haven’t seen you yet?

My whole goal with any show I play is to make people feel good! Country music is like a big ole family! It is just amazing getting to share that love with everyone! A Kaitlyn Baker show is real and honest. It’s in your face country and a lot of girl empowerment rolled in there!

You seem pretty intent on building a strong fan base in the UK, which is great to see.

The country music fans are seriously INCREDIBLE. It blows me away and I want to be apart of the UK country family!

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