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INTERVIEW: Kylie Morgan On Her Debut EP “Love, Kylie”



Kylie Morgan

Kylie Morgan joins us for an interview to chat about her debut major label EP Love, Kylie, including what the project means to her personally, working with Shane McAnally and Ben Johnson, music videos and more!

Stream Love, Kylie HERE

On the EP, Kylie details her journey through relationships, life as an artist, and life experiences. She co-wrote all six songs and reveals a transparency and vulnerability that compels listeners to peel back the layers of her story.

Speaking about the personal nature of the collection, and how she feels it can connect with listeners far and wide, Kylie explained:

“Truly, I feel like it’s ripping my heart out and handing it to everyone. It’s a vulnerable thing to do. But I knew from a very young age that I had been given this gift of songwriting, and I wanted to be able to put people’s emotions into words that they couldn’t put words to. At first, I thought my songs were for me, and when we started playing them for people, I realised they’re not for me at all. There are other people they can connect with. I grew up listening to so many people that I turned to when it came to dealing with something, and I want to be that person.”

Check out the full interview with Kylie Morgan below:

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