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INTERVIEW: Laine Lonero Talks ‘How Far’ & 2021 Plans At CRS



Rising star Laine Lonero joined us at this year’s Country Radio Seminar to talk about her new music, plans for 2021 and more!

Born and raised Louisiana, Lonero earned accolades for her performances in musical theatre and opera from an early age. She penned her first song at 13, and went on to win a song-writing contest in Nashville. Her 2020 single, No Sweat, impacted Country Radio on September 18th, and was featured on Radio Disney Country.

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How have you found the last year, from an artist’s perspective? We’ve all been hit hard by the pandemic, but it’s been particularly difficult for musicians. Have you been doing many Zoom writes?

I have definitely done some virtual writes, as well as live performances and takeovers.  This weird time we have all been going through has really brought out everyone’s creative side. It really shows that artist will not be silenced.

For anyone here in the UK who maybe isn’t too familiar with you and your background, tell us about your path into country music and how it all started for you?

The crazy thing about me is that I started out singing opera if you can believe it.  I was a true soprano back then.  As I got older my voice got a little raspier and I really was not happy at first, but I settled into it. I guess my first big performance was singing the National Anthem which I still do. I also love theater and had my first lead at the age of 11. Doing this made me realize how much I love being on stage.

I also had the amazing opportunity to record on about 4 KidzBop CD’s and I loved the recording experience so much that it led me at about 13 to start writing my own songs.  I started working with some great people in Nashville and the rest is history. I love being in the studio.

We’d love to delve into your writing style – where do you typically get your inspiration from when you go into a writing session? Do you prefer solo writes or co-writes?

I love writing about personal experiences, whether it be about me or someone I know or if I just witnessed something happening. There is nothing better than feeling and singing your own story though.

When songs are very personal to me I like writing myself, but I love co-writing!  I love how ideas come together when you just gel with that other person.  Actually one of the best times I have had writing a song was with multiple people at an NSAI song camp.  We had a great group of people.

Your new single ‘How Far’ is out February 26th. Tell us about how that one came together!

I wrote ‘How Far’ in Nashville with KarianneJean. We have a great time writing together.  This is actually a true story about myself and an experience I had not too long ago. Writing about a situation is my way of processing what happened so I can move on. 

As tricky as it is to look ahead at the moment, what achievements do you hope to fulfil in 2021?

Well I recently found out that I was accepted to Belmont in the Mike Curb School of Music and Entertainment.  I am so excited about moving to Nashville. It already feels like my other home, but this is where I need to be to be me. I want to keep growing as an artist and a songwriter and put out great music.

As we’re based in the UK, we have to ask if you’d be interested in testing out the international country market at some point? The genre is growing very fast in Europe, and we’d love to welcome you across the pond!

I have to say I have always wanted to have an English accent. I play around talking that way all the time. I would love to come there one day. I think it would be amazing. I was able to do a couple of “lives” in the UK and everyone was so nice. Say the word and I am ready to go!

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