INTERVIEW: Lauren Housley On Her New Album, ‘Girl From The North’


UK singer-songwriter Lauren Housley joined Dan via Zoom to chat about her new album ‘Girl From The North’ (out tomorrow, April 23rd), telling us what it was like to co-produce the album with her husband, and how the music videos for ‘This Ain’t The Life’ and ‘What’s Troubling You Child’ came together!

Speaking about the freeing experience of co-producing the album in their own studio, Lauren explained:

“Having a lot of time in the studio, I was able to try things I normally wouldn’t do. I just felt like I had ideas, and sometimes recordings don’t end up sounding the way you initially wanted them to sound, but this process was different because we could work on it whenever we wanted, and we could keep tweaking things as we went along. A lot of it was just about experimenting… there was a feeling of being in a safe place to create.”

Check out the full interview below…

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