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INTERVIEW: Lindsay Ell On Her Forthcoming Album, ‘heart theory’



Lindsay Ell joined Dan via Zoom this week to chat all about her forthcoming album, ‘heart theory’ (available August 14th), including writing with Brandy Clark, the process of putting together a concept album, and the deeply personal stories she’s exposed on the project.

Pre-order ‘heart theory’ here:

“I’ve been working on this record for the better part of three years. I was half-way through writing this record when I realised ‘I’m writing these songs in the order of how I’m feeling’. I thought, ‘how cool would it be to do a record in order?There’s this thing called the seven stages of grief and it’s one of the ways, as human beings, that we process things. I’m such a nerd about all that stuff, and I wanted to write a concept album around the seven stages of grief”

“I wrote this album as my journey, and my diary for that time in my life. Not specifically about one relationship, but really about heartbreak in general and learning from it. I was digging deeper and exploring things from my childhood, with songs like ‘make you’. I’m so excited to release this album into the world and I really want it to help people. Music has the power to do that.”

Check out the rest of the interview below…

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