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INTERVIEW: Louise Parker On New Single, Overseas Plans & More



Hey Louise – it was great to meet you at Dixie Fields! First of all, what did you make of that weekend, and how encouraging is it for you as a British artist to see all these new country events popping up?

I had such a blast at Dixie Fields! I am a born and raised Chelmsfordian, to see a rise in the country scene in my home city is really rewarding and makes me feel optimistic for the future of my music. 

You’re part of the Belles & Gals team, and Nick has become an important person in your career now. How did that come about, and how much have you loved being a part of that group?

It all happened really quickly and was incredibly unexpected. 

I met Nick at a gig end of last year, we became friends online and I badgered him for a gig once every couple of months but never heard anything. I attended a B&Gs gig in April, chatted to Nick and reiterated how available and enthusiastic I was for performing live. A week later Nick had a space available last minute and I jumped at the opportunity, arrived 2 hours early at the venue and played the performance of a life time (which includes forgetting the lyrics to one of my songs, stopping to announce I’d messed up and starting again!) – ever the professional! 

Nick and I had a meeting a few days later to talk about my music, my future and receive feedback from the gig. He asked if I would be interested in trialing a 3-month deal to see how we work together as a team and what we could both do in a short period of time. Six days later Nick calls me and is adamant he wants to sign me, quickest 3-months of my life! Haha!

I took a week to read through my contract and met with Nick and Rick (BB Management) at a Harvester that weekend to sign. 

I was so overjoyed I cried! 

(But so did Nick)

For any of our readers who aren’t too familiar with your background, can you tell us a little bit about your musical background and what led you to the genre?

I started in musical theatre when I was 7/8 years old, that’s where my melodramatic nature and love for performing stems from.  I wrote my first song when I was 12, received my first guitar for my 16th birthday from my parents, studied Popular Music at the Colchester Institute and then went on to graduate with a degree in Commercial Music from Bath Spa University.  I grew up listening to the top 40 charts and was very influenced by pop, the cheesier the better! But after my first tour of North America, one month after graduating, I fell in love with not just country music but the stories, the people and the passion behind it all. 

My songwriting naturally evolved and I started becoming the storyteller with a country twist that everyone knows, and hopefully, loves today. 

Your brand new single ‘Rear View Mirror’ came out on Friday, with a strong vibe of self-confidence and sassiness! Tell us a little bit about that one and why you felt it was an important topic to cover…

There are songs that I’ve written that are just for me, they were written when I needed them and they may never see the light of day. 

RVM was born out of road rage and was one of those songs. I spend way too much time concerned with what people think of me and I worried about releasing RVM originally. But the more I grew as a performer the song grew with me and it took on new meanings, different perspectives and helped me outgrow a bit of my self-consciousness. 

You released ‘Paradise’ towards the beginning of the year, a super catchy one. Tell us about that one and why it felt like a good introduction to this new chapter in your career…

‘Paradise’ is written about the honeymoon phase of relationships where everything is magical and you can’t leave each other alone. It’s a song that I’ve had in my live repertoire for a few years and have always received amazing feedback from audiences, both UK and state side. 

I love the lyrics, I feel really connected to this song, I enjoy telling this story and there’s some great facial expressions that go with it! 

You’ve been to Nashville previously and I hear you even performed at the Bluebird Café! What was that experience like as a British artist out of your comfort zone, and how inspiring is it as an artist to make the trip over there in general?

Twice! I thought after the first time they may staple a picture of my face at the door, stop me coming back. It’s unlike any gig I have ever played or probably will ever play. Every pair of eyes is drinking in what you’re putting out, I bare my soul on stage and at the Bluebird Cafe the audience feed off you and your music. 

The first time I was in North America I was terrified, I didn’t know what they were going to make of me. Now I can’t wait to get back. Immersing yourself in a new culture and meeting new people is the best thing you can do as a songwriter. I highly recommend it!

You’re heading out to Texas soon, right? What’s on the agenda for that trip? Sounds very exciting!

August 20th 2019 – Music, music, music! Writing, co-writing, performing and (hopefully) recording! You only live once, right!?

I’m hoping to do a bit more travelling this time around too. I have friends all over that I miss dearly!

What’s the long-term plan for releases now? You’ve put out a few songs this year so are you working towards another EP or maybe an album in the near future?

I have a couple of songs in my back pocket still to be released! Making a grand total of 6 songs released this year…crazy. 

Even though I’m releasing regularly I already have people wanting physical copies. I’m definitely looking to release a little something something in 2020, I’ll keep you posted. 

Any plans for live shows/festivals that people need to know about?

I’m playing my first ever gig in Manchester August 10th, just before I leave for the US, at The Castle Hotel. 

I know my manager has already got plans for 2020, it’s looking to be my busiest and best year yet! 

Thanks for chatting with us Louise – hopefully see you soon!

Thank you so much! I miss you already xo

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