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INTERVIEW: Mo Pitney Sheds The Light On His New Album, ‘Ain’t Lookin’ Back’



Ahead of the release of his sophomore album, ‘Ain’t Lookin’ Back’, Mo Pitney joined us via Zoom to talk about what he hopes to achieve with the new record, as well as revealing all about the all-star collaborations, outside songwriter cuts and more!

Speaking about the album and what it represents for him, Mo said: “My producer Jim ‘Moose’ Brown helped me achieve more than I could have ever dreamed. ‘Ain’t Lookin’ Back’ is a song about letting go of your past and finding the ability to look to a bright future through finding forgiveness and redemption. Around that, there are some fun songs that are lighthearted and cheeky.

It starts with a song called ‘A Music Man’ which I played overseas at C2C, about loving music and trying to do it for the right reasons, and it ends with a song called ‘Jonas’ which is a really poignant song about truth and where we might find it. It’s probably a Christian world-view song. I’m excited about the whole project, and I’m not ashamed of any part of it.”

With Mo’s connections in Nashville, he’s been able to bring in country legends like Marty Stuart and Ricky Skaggs, both of whom play in Mo’s ‘All Star Band’ on ‘Old Home Place’, something which he says he’s incredibly grateful for:

“I was sitting in the studio playing my favourite bluegrass song to check volume levels, and it was ‘Old Home Place’. Moose said “hey Mo, before we finish this loop, let’s record that really quick. Even if it’s not on the album it’ll be good to have it”… so we took off and did that. It so happened that three weeks later, Marty Stuart heard it, because he was in the studio and Moose said “hey I wanna play you something”, and Marty said “I wanna play on that!”. A few weeks after that, somehow Ricky Skaggs heard it and said “I wanna play on that”. Once we had those two names, we thought ‘let’s get an all-star band'”

Check out the rest of the interview below:

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