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INTERVIEW: Morgan Evans Gives Us The Lowdown On ‘Country Wide Radio’



Morgan Evans joined Dan via Zoom to chat about his ‘Country Wide Radio’ show, which is available to stream exclusively on Apple Music Country. Morgan chats about the transition between performer and radio host, introducing Australian acts to worldwide country fans and more.

If you haven’t had a chance already, check out the show here:

Speaking about how the show came about and why it felt like such a good opportunity, Morgan explained:

“It was the start of last year when Apple Music reached out, and they were talking about doing something focused on country music on a worldwide stage. I feel like what I can bring, especially to the Nashville community, is a truly international perspective. I’ve spent a lot of time going back and forth to Australia, and I’ve made it a priority to get over to the UK. I feel like I love to share that international perspective on what country music is, and what it means. At its simplest, my show should be the answer to – ‘hey, what’s country music like in Australia?'”

Check out the rest of the interview below…

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