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INTERVIEW: ‘Nashville’ Star Riley Smith On His New Single ‘Chocolate’ & More



Credit: Bjoern Kommerell

Star of ‘Nashville’, ‘Nancy Drew’ and ‘True Detective’ Riley Smith is set to release his new single & music video, ‘Chocolate’, very soon, and he jumped on a Zoom call with Dan to talk about writing the song on a writer’s retreat in Chicago, life in Nashville as a musician, his plans for targeting the UK market and more!

Speaking about his move to Nashville and his somewhat deep-end introduction to the music scene in Music City, Riley explained, “I got the opportunity to play Markus Keen on Nashville, and that’s where it took on a life of its own. I realised down there how serious it is, and that’s what they do as a profession. When I got thrown into that mix as an actor/singer, I had to play catch up really fast because I wasn’t as good as I should have been. But I worked by butt off and it all worked out – I got the bug. Nashville got my respect immediately; I would go out to the bars and watch the local musicians play, and those guys are better than anyone walking around in L.A.”

With his new single, ‘Chocolate’, Riley has worked with some experienced names in the industry, including Grammy-winning Nathan Dantzler for mixing, and he’s very proud of the slick, polished sound. “Nathan is close with my producer, so I’ve always had him which is such a blessing. The song is so special because we wanted to make a song that was authentic to Chicago, and not only did we do that but we got guitarist Keith Henderson on it.

It really has become a polished track. I’m trying to figure out where it belongs because it isn’t country, it isn’t R&B, it isn’t pop – it’s a little bit of everything, but most importantly it’s me. It exemplifies what I’m into and what makes me feel good”

Check out the full Zoom interview below…

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