INTERVIEW: Old Dominion On “Time, Tequila & Therapy”

Old Dominion

Old Dominion joined us recently for an interview to chat about their brand new album Time, Tequila & Therapy, available everywhere now!

Time, Tequila & Therapy features 13 tracks, where the boys survey the ups, downs, trials, and tribulations of life, love, and friendships while infusing their signature country sound with songwriting eloquence and arena rock ambition. Each band member participated in the songwriting alongside Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne.  

“We really didn’t know we were going to make an album. We blocked three weeks off to just go into the studio and see what happened. We thought we would get five or six good songs, but it turned out so well that we ended up with thirteen songs that we all loved,” explains Brad Tursi. “Sonically, like we always do, we approached each song as its own entity and took it wherever it needed to go, so I think that’s why you hear a lot of different sounds on the album. There’s country, there’s motown, there’s pop elements.”

The album features their fast-rising hit “I Was On A Boat That Day”, alongside the previously released “Hawaii” and “All I Know About Girls” as well as a duet with soul legend Gladys Knight on “Lonely Side Of Town”.

Check out the full interview with Old Dominion below:

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