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INTERVIEW: Olivia Lane On ‘Living Instead’, New Podcast & More



Rising star Olivia Lane joined Dan via Zoom to talk about her new single ‘Living Instead’, which went on to inspire her new weekly podcast, as well as her commitment to the UK and what it’s like as an artist to build a fan base from the ground up.

Speaking about her new single, a song of deep self-assessment and honesty, Olivia says: “It’s an accumulation of all the lessons I’ve learned as an artist in Nashville over the last 7 years. I felt like I knew what I wanted, and I thought my career was going to go a certain way, so I had to let go of a lot of those preconceived ideas of what I was going to be. I had to let life happen and let my artistry happen how it was supposed to.”

She speaks very openly about her therapy sessions, and how she came out of a difficult period of self-examination. “I had to have an honest conversation with myself. One day after therapy I realised I was being so mean to myself. We get into these mental scripts that we can’t stop sometimes because we’re not aware of it because they’re so ingrained. In therapy I had a breakthrough, and so I took my phone out and wrote down the idea. All of a sudden, this melody and lyrics came over me. It was so quick”

Olivia has also been keen to build a fan base in the UK in recent years, something which she speaks very fondly of. “I saw about 2 years ago that my song ‘You Got Me’ was doing well in London. An artist always has that fear of ‘is anyone going to show up?’ and I was so happy. It’s so lovely to see how country music is booming in that part of the world, it’s the coolest feeling. Y’all just love music and digest music a little differently to how we do in the States.”

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