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INTERVIEW: O&O Chat About New Single “A Spark Away From Fire”




We caught up with London-based, Israeli-American folk duo O&O – Obadiah Jones & Orian Peled – to chat about their brand new single, ‘A Spark Away From Fire,’ as well as their plans for more new music and touring! Check it out:

Hey guys, Happy New Year! Great to chat with you again, hope all is well.

Thank you, Happy New Year to you!

It’s been a very strange couple of years for everyone, but it feels like we’re getting back to some sort of normality as far as live music is concerned. What do you both want to achieve personally and professionally from 2022?

We are hoping that venues and events will remain open and this will allow for UK country music to keep rolling on. When we went into Lockdown in 2020 we had plans to tour and play in new places to new people across the UK. Over the next year or two we hope to resume those plans! We were fortunate to be able to keep releasing music through the pandemic and we are also looking forward to getting back in the studio and working on more new music.

You recently shared your new single, ‘A Spark Away From Fire’. What can you tell us about the origins of that song? How did it come about?

The title came from a brilliant book called A Song Of Achilles by Madeline Miller. There is so much potential meaning packed into that phrase that it got our imaginations going about what kind of scenario suits something that is simultaneously about to take off in a positive light and ‘go up in flames’ in a more negative way. At the time we were also listening a lot to the soundtrack of Sara Bareilles’ Waitress in which the main characters have an extramarital affair and that inspired the scenario for our song.

In terms of releases, what’s the plan for this year? Are you working towards an EP/album, or will you be continuing with standalone singles?

We are currently writing and not yet sure what form the new music will take. It is unlikely that it will be an album this year, but we would like to do another EP with a possible album on the horizon for next year!

Looking back on 2021, it must have been really cool to land your first TV sync on RTÉ’s hit series The South Westerlies. How did that opportunity arise?

Yes, it was great to see our music being picked up for this and to see ‘Truth Comes Out’ played in a new context! We didn’t actually know it was under consideration until we were told they had decided to license it through our publishing administrator.

We loved watching your acoustic performances on YouTube last year. How much did you enjoy those covers and collaborations, and is that something you’ll be continuing moving forward?

The acoustic collaborations on our YouTube channel are another thing we love doing and had planned to do more of before COVID. We were lucky to do a few covers in between lockdowns with the stunning Rebecca Raw, Jess Thristan and most recently with Lisa Wright, as well as our collaboration with Laura Oakes for our co-written single ‘Leave It ‘Til Tomorrow’. Getting to collaborate with brilliant artists in the scene is so much fun for us – definitely more to come there!

I hear you have a tour in the works for April/May. What can you tell us about that? How many dates are you looking to lock in, and what can we expect from the shows?

Yes, we are locking in dates as we speak! We will be appearing at Country On The Coast festival in Portsmouth in April (8-10 April, we are on Saturday 9th April) and that will kick off shows running through the summer and autumn. More info to come – stay tuned.

Best of luck with everything this year! Really appreciate you taking the time to chat – hopefully see you guys soon!

Thank you very much! We appreciate your support, all the best 🙂

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