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INTERVIEW: Canadian Trio Petric Discuss New Album ‘Flashbacks’



We recently caught up with Canadian country trio Petric, to discuss their brand new album ‘Flashbacks’, working with Grammy-nominated producer Chris Baseford, international aspirations and more. Check out the full chat below!

Stream/download the new album here:

Hey guys! Hope you’re well. Thanks so much for allowing us to premiere the ‘Kids’ video at Destination Country – we love that track. Tell us about how that one came together and why it felt like such a good single choice for you?

Kid’s was very natural for Petric. This was one of the first songs we started working on when we got into the studio. The whole band instantly fell into a groove. I don’t think there was a single moment anyone ever disagreed(which says a lot for a band with 2 bothers in it). We are all on the same wave link. It was really cool.

The music video encapsulates everything we’re missing about normal life right now – it seems like a lifetime ago. You guys obviously thrive on the buzz of performing live, that’s clear to see. How have you found this past year, without the ability to do that? 

It’s awful. We’re doing everything we can to stay connected with our fans, but it’s not the same. The feeling of being on stage, and staring out at a crowd, theres nothing else like it. The connection we feel with our fans is always so electrifying. Hopefully we can find away back to that soon.

So for anyone here in the UK who isn’t too familiar with your music or your backstory, tell us a little bit about your path into country music, and how you discovered your sound.

Tom, Jordan and myself have been performing together for the past decade. We weren’t always performing as Petric. I had my own cover band/solo project for a few years, but often Tom would come up on stage and do a few songs. The chemistry and harmonies between the 3 of us really started to connect with fans. In 2014 we made the choice to start the band. We’ve been through a lot as a group over the past few years, but I feel like we’re finally hitting our stride as a unit. Flashbacks is strong representation of where we are at as people, and a band. It feels great.

Having read other interviews you guys have done, it’s interesting to hear you talk about how you transitioned from a duo to a trio, and how important Jordan has been for you collectively. How has your output changed since that evolution?

Like i mentioned, I think we’re finally hitting our stride. The best “Petric” is the 3 of us. We always knew it, but we weren’t always in the position to embrace it. We signed with a label in 2015 that wanted brand us as a duo, and then in 2018 Jordan had to take a step back for a few months. After all these years, our friendships and dedication to each other and our sound prevailed. Im really proud that the 3 of us are able to do what we do.

Your new album ‘Flashbacks’ is available everywhere now, and it’s so full of positivity! What did you hope to achieve with this collection, and where did you draw influence from?

There is so much we want to achieve with this album, but I think the most important achievement is just the release of the album. We had a falling out with our label in2018. Combine that with our manager passing away, and Jordan stepping out of the picture for a bit, it was a really awful year. In November 2018, the 3 of us met, and kind of made a pack to create this album together. No matter what obstacles, we were going to do this. So regardless of what kind of success Flashbacks concurs, it’s already a huge win for us. 

We all share different influences, but I think we’re all heavily inspired by artists who play guitar, and write strong songs. We wanted to have the best songs possible on this album and I think we have some very special tracks for people to listen to.

The album was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Chris Baseford, who’s worked with the likes of Meghan Patrick, Avril Lavigne and Nickelback. How valuable was his presence and knowledge on this project, and how much did you guys pick up from him?

Chris is a member of our band. I cant say enough good things about working with him. His guidance musically, it really helped us grow, but I think his friendship helped more. Our band is in a really good place right now, and I think the good vibes he brought to this project really brought us together in a great way.

You built up a lot of momentum for the album with ‘Single Problem’, which has got some incredible streaming numbers. Is it difficult for you to make decisions on single releases? There are so many potential singles on the album, so what is the criteria?

Sometimes, sometimes no. The difficult part is when 2 people disagree, but we’ve very fortunate to all have been on the same page this last year. We stay in contact often, mostly to group chats. Communication has never been better in our group, and I think thats the key to success and feeling good about the decisions we make as a band.

We obviously don’t know what 2021 will hold for us, but what do you guys hope to achieve this year, musically? Is there any more new material in the pipeline?

We are well into the recording of our next project. I’m not sure if its going to be an album or what, but we’re pretty excited about 2021, and the following year! Hopefully we can continue to connect with out fans, and keep creating music that everyone enjoys.

There are plenty of country music fans here in the UK who would welcome you with open arms, once this pandemic is over. Is it an aspiration for you guys to travel and test the water internationally?

100%. No one in our band has ever been to the UK. The United Kingdom has actually been one of our best markets for streaming, so it would be amazing to have the opportunity to meet our fans and visit the area. Fingers crossed, 2022!

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