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INTERVIEW: Twinnie On Brand New EP, “Welcome To The Club”




Currently celebrating release week for her brand new EP, Twinnie joins us to chat about the inspiration behind the heartfelt project, as well as her recent ‘Young Voices’ performance in Sheffield, trips to Nashville and more!

Produced by Twinnie, Ben Johnson and Johnny Reno,Welcome To The Club is out now. The collection features the never-before-heard “Something or Somebody” and recently released tracks “Welcome To The Club,” “One Heart,” and “Dying Inside.” Listen HERE.

Welcome To The Club Track Listing
1. “Welcome To The Club” (Twinnie, Phil Barton, Lindsay Rimes)
2. “One Heart” (Twinnie, Alex Stacey, Rupert Blackman, Laura Welsh, Peter Rycroft, Ben Johnson)
3. “Something or Somebody” (Twinnie, Emily Landis, Eric Arjes)
4. “Dying Inside” (Twinnie, Jamie Kennedy)
Produced by Twinnie, Ben Johnson and Johnny Reno

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