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Is Learning Violin Hard? Here’s What You Should Do.



Learning a musical instrument such as a violin won’t give you a free ride. Know that it would open you to long hours of practice, string scars on your hands, exhausted shoulders, and loss of patience along your journey. It might demotivate you in the meantime, but don’t forget that professional violinists learn it the hard way too. If you want to be like them, who performs and boasts their talents in front of many people, then it is time to find ways to overcome the tough training of playing the violin.

Tips in Learning the Violin the Easy Way

Consider these simple yet effective tips in learning the violin.

Take it slow, learn the basics

One key to learning the violin in a way that you would enjoy it is by starting with the basics. You might want to build a solid foundation first about the instrument and equip yourself with the fundamentals you need as a prerequisite to a more complex level. It is essential to take everything slowly and fundamentally so you won’t have a hard time adjusting. Since you are a beginner at playing the violin, you should skip the adrenaline rush and just take it one step at a time.

Know the right size of instrument that will suit you

One factor that contributes to learning the violin is the size of your instrument. There are different sizes and violin brands that would fit beginners and you might want to know what suits you. Choosing the appropriate size for you will help you master the violin quickly together with some techniques and save you from body aches. There are violin manufacturers who specialize in producing instruments for beginners, which can give you a guarantee that the size is perfect for learners like you. Once you head to the shop, you can ask for a professional staff there about the size recommended for you. In this way, you can sort out what to purchase easily.

Practice consistently

Consistency yields better results. In learning a violin, consistency could mean everything. You need to be consistent in setting or scheduling your practice and learning sessions every day. You also need to be consistent in reading tips or articles, watching videos, or listening to podcasts about playing the violin. Likewise, you might want to be consistent in maintaining your instrument and keeping the same level of motivation until the end. When you are consistent, you can speed up your learning as much as you want to.

Key takeaways

Indeed, learning a violin is hard. However, you can always take the lead so you can make your learning easier than usual. Get to know tips like those mentioned above, and try to apply them. Learning a violin is a commitment and you should know this by the time you’re facing your instrument. Although sometimes the process would disappoint you, know that it’s normal. Pull yourself together and remind yourself why you want to learn the violin in the first place.

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