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Jackson Michelson Releases New Tune, ‘One Day’



Curb recording artist Jackson Michelson captures bittersweet forethought in his latest single “One Day,” out today and now available to stream and purchase. Co-written by Michelson, Justin Ebach and Matt Alderman, the family man makes a lyrical leap in time, painting a picture of the the not-so-distant future, highlighting the importance of living in the now. The message is further enhanced by the mid-tempo production of Jeff Pardo.

“‘One Day’ is the most personal song I’ve ever written and recorded – a glimpse into my life and the reality that time doesn’t stop for anything or anyone,” explains Michelson. “Even as a young parent, it’s a reminder to soak in every moment with the ones you love, because someday we’ll be wishing for one day when they were young.”

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