Jade Helliwell Drops New Track, “Lead Me On”



Jade Helliwell has followed up “Woman I Am” with the release of “Lead Me On,” the second single from her upcoming EP.

Lead Me On is about those situations where someone promises the world, yet doesn’t deliver, and the regaining of control – a theme which provides the main narrative of the upcoming EP.

Written solely by Jade herself, Lead Me On very much gives the reins back to the person being led on, giving them the determination and resilience to rise to the challenge and fight back.

“It’s about knowing that’s taking place but playing them at their own game and allowing them to lead you on until you yourself find something else worth chasing after. It’s about taking that control back and dealing with a difficult situation with strength and resilience. I hope the listener will feel like they want to dance and sing along. It’s a strong song with positive vibes!”

Jade has been performing in Denmark this past week at Nashville Nights Songwriters Festival, and she’s set to hit the road on a UK tour next month.

Upcoming Performances:
October 11th- Howlers, Newcastle (Headline Tour)
October 12th – Audio, Glasgow (Headline Tour)
October 13th – Adelphi Club, Hull (Headline Tour)
October 14th – Night & Day Cafe, Manchester (Headline Tour)
October 15th – Origin, Batley (Headline Tour)
October 22nd – Brunswick Pub, Brighton (Headline Tour)
December 10th – South Wales Country Music Festival
February 11th – Thornton Hough Village Club March 25th – Vaqueros Songwriters Festival

Check out Jade’s recent Cathedral Session, which we recorded at Millport Country Music Festival HERE.


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