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Jade Helliwell Shares Heartfelt New Song, ‘Telephone’



Jade Helliwell pays tribute to loved ones we’ve lost with her new Christmas single, ‘Telephone’.

Jade began writing Telephone towards the end of 2019 after losing her Grandma. Feeling the absence of her Grandma more than ever on Christmas day, she dealt with her first close experience of loss the best way she knows how, through her music.

With the passing of her Grandad in June of this year, she  revisited the song and it became a sort of letter to her grandparents,  telling them how she was feeling having to navigate life without them. While Jade had initially not intended to play the song for anybody, she decided to share it with her fans on one of her weekly livestream gigs during the summer. The response was incredible and it soon became clear that Telephone could hold a lot of meaning for many people. 

“Christmas is a time spent with family and friends but that also means  missing those who should be there that little bit more. I think this will  resonate with people who wish they could speak to their loved ones over the festive period. It means the world that something so personal to me can be translated so well to someone else.” 

Working around lockdown restrictions, Jade worked remotely with producer Rob Gulston, who produced the track at The Banger Hanger in Essex and her stunning vocal performance was recorded at home.

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