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Jake Owen Returns With New Single “Best Thing Since Backroads”



Jake Owen

Jake Owen has shared his brand new single “Best Thing Since Backroads”, the follow-up to his smash hit single “Made For You”.

The single is a tribute to the simple perfection of true love. The track compares a soul mate connection to the easy euphoria of a two-lane cruise, written by Ben Johnson, Jordan Minton, Hunter Phelps and Geoff Warburton.

It’s dedicated to the one thing an old gravel road and that special someone have in common – they’re both the most direct route to a good time. And with a windows-down Country-Rock sound produced by Joey Moi, “Best Thing Since Backroads” finds Jake Owen staying on the gas in journey of recent success.

It’s always exciting releasing new music,” says Owen. “It feels great being back out on the road and bringing happiness to people. I always strive to record songs that make you feel good. This one is going to be a lot of fun to play.”

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