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James Barker Band Release Reminiscent Track, ‘Mama’s Cooking’



James Barker Band have released a brand new heartfelt track, “Mama’s Cooking”, co-written with Hardy during a writing-session in Nashville.

It’s the first track released from a fan dedicated project called JBB-Sides. Fans can expect a new JBB-Sides track every Friday for the next three weeks. With JBB-Sides, James Barker Band dug into their catalogue of never-recorded songs, some of which fans will recognize from live sets, live streams, and social media.

“Mama’s Cooking” is a sentimental track for lead singer James Barker, he explains: “I wrote this one way back in 2014, back when I was still farming full time, and would make trips down to Nashville once I had enough money saved up to go for a couple weeks at a time. Right before I left for this trip, my grandma on my mother’s side had gotten sick, and had to have a procedure done, but the doctor assured us it was a pretty common procedure. A couple hours after I landed in Nashville my mom called to tell me that there had been serious complications during the procedure, and she likely only had a few hours, making it impossible for me to get back in time. I wasn’t able to get a flight back until two days later.

So I went into a write that next day, with Michael Hardy, who was a good buddy of mine and we’d written quite a bit at that point, and the first thing he said was “man I miss home, and I miss my mama’s cooking”, and it just seemed almost like fate or something that he would be missing his family on that same day. I never told him that story, didn’t want to be a downer. But yeah, that’s the day we wrote it. I flew to Nashville on the Sunday, my Nana passed away on Monday August 11, 2014, the same day we wrote ‘Mama’s Cooking’. I flew home on the Tuesday.”

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