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Jay DeMarcus Shares Touching Solo Track, ‘Music Man’



Jay DeMarcus, best known as bassist, vocalist, pianist, producer and songwriter of superstar vocal group Rascal Flatts, has shared an emotional tribute to one of the biggest influences in his life, sharing the touching “Music Man”.

DeMarcus was moved to pen the tribute following the recent passing of his father Stanley Wayne DeMarcus, by channelling his love and reflection as sole writer, producer, vocalist and instrumentalist on the track. DeMarcus has long cited his late father as one of his biggest musical heroes and influences, with his father teaching him how to play music and nurturing a shared love of music throughout his childhood.
“Naturally, losing my father was a huge life altering moment, but being able to sit down at the very piano he taught me on has been so comforting to me,” shared DeMarcus. “The night he passed, I sat down at that piano, and the lyrics to this song just poured over and spilled out of me. Music was such a strong bond between us, it kept us close, while the miles and the years kept us apart. It’s clear to me now that life is never going to be the same after losing a parent, but I’m so grateful for the memories and the legacy he’s passed on to me, and he will forever be my ‘Music Man.’”
Jay DeMarcus is the bassist, pianist, harmony vocalist, songwriter and producer of superstar vocal group Rascal Flatts. Rascal Flatts has racked up 17 Number One hits, over 23.4 million albums sold, 35 million digital downloads, 2.2 billion streams worldwide, while also selling over 11 million concert tickets and earning more than 40 trophies from the ACA, ACM, AMA, CMA, People’s Choice and more, making them the most awarded country group of the past decade.

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