Jeff Dayton – Back To You

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 16.19.01Jeff Dayton is a well known Nashville based songwriter, producer and session guitarist who has previously headed up the Jeff Dayton Band who recorded a bunch of albums in the nineties.

He is back with the appropriately named album “Back To You” containing 12 songs that include a few gems. He spent 15 years as bandleader and guitarist for Glen Campbell and has also played on tours with Kenny Chesney and Lee Greenwood. He has a number of strings to his bow having also appeared as an actor on the recent Hawaii Five-0 revival and also appeared in 5 episodes of Nashville.

There is definitely a Chesney vibe on a couple of the albums highlights. For instance, ‘Lay it On’ featuring Dayton’s fine baritone and a swaying sing-a-long that could be compared to ‘Coconut Tree’ from Kenny’s ‘Life on a Rock’ album.

‘Good for You’ is another stand-out. A wonderful, rather soulful track with a gorgeous melody that totally draws you in. ‘Islands Guitars and You’, featuring slide guitars and piano is another fine song that he originally intended to be the title track and the opening song on a ‘trop-rock’ album. Sadly this wasn’t something that saw the light but we have a sun-drenched Florida Keys feel to this laid-back beach song. With the exposure and airplay this could be a huge hit.

This is an album that deserves so much more exposure and recognition than it will inevitably receive. A solid collection of songs with quality production and some really catchy melodies. It’s an album that gets better with every listen; definitely worth checking out.