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Jeorgia Rose Shares Latest Single “That Day”



Jeorgia Rose

18-year-old Jeorgia Rose has kicked off her self-confessed “break-up song phase” with the release of her new single ‘That Day,’ an ode to the happier times of a broken relationship.

Having just watched A Star is Born for the first time, she was struck by the raw and vulnerable emotions that Lady Gaga encapsulated within her lyrical storytelling and felt overwhelmingly empowered to do the same. Citing ‘Always Remember Us This Way’ and ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ as her stand out moments in the soundtrack, Jeorgia took straight to her guitar and explored the conflicting nature of her then-relationship with a newfound honesty. 

“With each song I release, I always hope that people will be able to see their own stories through my lyrics and relate to the meaning, especially if they’ve been through a similar experience. Whether this song is about me really being in love or not, I know that in that moment the relationship made me happy. I hope that anybody listening who has felt that too can find peace knowing that their conflicting feelings are okay.”

Hailing from Cheshire, England, she discovered an instant love for music when she began learning the piano aged 6. She made her stage debut the following year and had written her first song, Missing You by the age of 9. A multi-talented musician and songwriter, Jeorgia grew up playing the piano, harp, flute and guitar. 

Jeorgia’s debut singles I Will Still Remember and Recipe for Disaster were released to critical acclaim.

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