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Jerrod Niemann Serves Double Dose Of New Music



Jerrod Niemann is serving up a double shot of new music and the first taste of his LOST & FOUND project with “Tequila Kisses” and “Ghost Rider”.

As his first release in nearly two years – and first independent release in over a decade – LOST & FOUND not only marks the next chapter in Niemann’s career, but also showcases a brand-new side to the Country chart-topper.

Co-written and co-produced by Niemann and created mostly in his home studio, the tracks on LOST & FOUND each draw inspiration from recent life changes and reflect exactly what the project’s name suggests – Niemann truly getting back to his center and finding himself through the ups and downs of life.

On “Tequila Kisses”, Jerrod says:

“I’ve always really connected with harmony-driven music from groups like the Oak Ridge Boys, Diamond Rio and the Beach Boys,” Niemann tells Taste of Country, “and ever since ‘Lover, Lover,’ I’ve had so many amazing fans tell me they were drawn to the groove and the nine-part harmony arrangement of that song.”

In contrast, “Ghost Rider” appeals to his darker side…

“’Ghost Rider’ was a song idea I came up with after going through my divorce,” explains Niemann. “People are often creatures of habit, and when you lose that person that has been constantly by your side for years, it’s like they are a ‘Ghost Rider’ in your life – at least for a little while. Hopefully anyone going through a tough time will go for a ride, roll the windows down, and listen to this song – and maybe it will help them clear their heads and get some things figured out.”

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