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Jerrod Niemann Shares Two New Songs From ‘Lost & Found’ Project



Jerrod Niemann taps into his vulnerable side and dives headfirst into heartbreak with the latest offerings from his upcoming Lost & Found project – “The Blame” and “It Won’t Be Me” – both available across all streaming platforms and digital retailers now.

Written and produced solely by Niemann, “The Blame” spotlights the story behind the “lost” chapter in his LOST & FOUND endeavour, as it finds the Country chart-topper with his guard down, accepting the things he cannot change and reflecting on a past love gone wrong.

“‘The Blame’ is a personal song that I wrote when I was at my lowest point during my divorce,” Niemann explains. “Looking back on it now, those are not my true feelings about my ex. Over time, you come to realize that it’s so easy to place blame on someone else, when you should be pointing your finger at the man in the mirror – that’s when you truly start to grow and become a better person. This song came from a fleeting moment of vulnerability while I was trying to make sense of everything. Divorce is never easy… but at the end of the day, she’s happy, I’m happy, and we wish each other the best.”

Taking a different approach to losing love, “It Won’t Be Me” paints a picture of resilience and highlights the refusal to let go of a waning flame. Produced and written by Niemann alongside Lee Brice and Jon Stone with additional producer Cody LaBelle, the tune tells the story of a man who says “no” to calling it quits on his own romance.

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