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Jessica Lynn Announces Christmas Single, ‘It’s Just Not Christmas’



Sometimes, Christmas isn’t all fairy lights, feasting and festivities. Sometimes, joy isn’t the only emotion in the crisp cold air. That’s a heartfelt truth that Jessica Lynn has managed to capture in her poignant Christmas single for 2020, ‘It’s Just Not Christmas’, available 20th November.

“Christmas time can be hard when you are missing someone around the holidays,” reflects Jessica, “Things never quite feel the same once they are gone. I wanted to keep the production on this song very simple to tell that story in a pure and honest way.  This is very special release for me and it means a lot to share it with everyone.”

Simplicity and honesty are the watchwords of this song, on which Jessica is joined by Steve Marks of UK Country Group Gasoline & Matches, who provides the male vocal and guitar.

Jessica’s Christmas specials have sold out the Paramount Theater for the last four years in a row and been named by press as the “#1 Great Thing to do in The Hudson Valley for The Holidays.”  What’s more, Jessica Lynn’s ‘A Very Merry Country Christmas’ is also Toys for Tots – Westchester’s biggest fundraiser of the entire year. 

In breaking news, Jessica is delighted to announce that despite the 2020 COVID situation, the show WILL go on, in virtual/livestreamed form, bringing much needed cheer AND raising money for the charity.

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