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Jessica Lynn, Katy Hurt & Sally Rea Morris Collaborate On “All For Love”



All For Love

Jessica Lynn has joined forces with Katy Hurt and Sally Rea Morris (of Gasoline and Matches) to release a joint single ‘All for Love’.

“I’m SUPER EXCITED,” says Jessica, “I’ve paired up with two of the most badass women in England — Katy Hurt & Sally Rea Morris — for a remake of Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting’s ‘All for Love’.” 

In the past couple of years, Jessica been expanding and refining her range by reimagining the full band versions of her songs, originally for her highly successful livestream concerts. Jessica released four of these reworked, critically acclaimed songs on her EP ‘Reimagined’ earlier this year.

Jessica also recently collaborated with Tim Prottey-Jones to release a phenomenal reimagining of Billy Ray Cyrus’s smash hit ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ for a special Halloween release, which adds dark emotional depth to the usually upbeat song.

Regarding ‘All for Love’, Jessica feels that “Over the last few years of touring in the UK, I have been so totally blown away by the talent that I have come across. Two of my favourite  — not only musicians but people — are Katy Hurt and Sally Rea Morris from Gasoline and Matches. When Katy asked me to collaborate on this song, I was so excited to join forces on a very positive message and sound after a truly difficult last year and a half. I am so inspired by both of these women and it was really fun to get to put our own spin on such a classic.”

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