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Jessie James Decker Announces New EP “The Woman I’ve Become”



Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker teased her next chapter in August with self-assured anthem “Should Have Known Better”, which hit No. 2 on the iTunes country chart and No. 3 all-genre upon release. On Friday she revealed that “Should Have Known Better” served as the introduction to her latest project, The Woman I’ve Become EP, due October 22 and available now for pre-order.

The seven-song album is both a reflection and celebration of personal growth. “The Woman I’ve Become is unlike any record I’ve ever created,” Decker said. “It’s a true transition from the young girl I was to the woman I have become. I’ve never been this vulnerable before. I think life changes and growth have made me confident enough to show that vulnerable side.”

Decker paired the announcement with brand new track “Not In Love With You”. Written by Sam Ellis and Jordyn Shellhart, the song highlights the little victories following a difficult breakup. Fans should keep an eye out for the official music video in the coming weeks.

The Woman I Am EP Track List:

1.   Not In Love With You (Sam Ellis/Jordyn Shellhart) 
2.  Tell You Enough (Jordan Reynolds/Jordan Minton/Emily Weisband/Jon Hume) 
3.  Should Have Known Better (Tom Barnes/Pete Kelleher/Benjamin Kohn/Madi Yanofsky) 
4.  Dance With Someone Else (Tenille Townes/Tina Parol Gemza/Dave Pittenger)
5.  The Woman I’ve Become (Jessie James Decker/Jonathan Quarmby) 
6.  Girls Like To Dance (Maren Morris/Julian Bunetta/John Ryan) 
7.  I Need A Man (Jessie James Decker/Alyssa Bonagura/Matt McVaney/Shane Stevens)

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