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Jordan Davis Shares Reflective New Song, ‘Lose You’



Jordan Davis has followed his EP from earlier this year with the release of a reflective new song, “Lose You.”
“When I sat down with the guys in the writer’s room that day, we were all just talking about our wives and we realized, ‘hey we are all married to amazing women so let’s not mess this up,’” Davis laughs. “That was really the genesis for this song…that we never want to lose the love we have, and we’d do anything to hold on to it.”

Davis initially teased the new song on social media last month and it was instantly embraced by fans with questions of when the track would be available.
Davis continues, “In a normal year we’d have our live show to try out new music and see what connects with the audience. Since we can’t do that, it has been fun to share on social media and see the response. Fans were loving this one, so we thought why wait to release it?”

Written by Davis along with Josh Kerr, Josh Dorr and the track’s producer Paul DiGiovanni, producer behind his billion-streamed debut album Home State, the reflective observation-turned-declaration implores:
People break up, fall in and outta love / But giving this up is something I just won’t do / And I don’t wanna give you a reason to leave me / Watch you drive off in the night / I never wanna feel that freedom that people say they find

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