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Josh Turner Hits No.1 With ‘Hometown Girl’



Josh Turner’s “Hometown Girl” vaulted to the top this week. The No. 1 song, from his new album Deep South, was written by Marc Beeson and Daniel Tashian, and was one he definitely wanted to record after hearing it for the first time.

“I was kind of looking for some different kind of stuff that I hadn’t really done before, and ‘Hometown Girl’ kind of fit that mold. Even before I knew the lyrics, I had that melody stuck in my head. It’s such a catchy melody,” says Josh. “When I really got to diggin’ into what the lyrics were saying, I loved the message in the song and I just felt like my female fan base would really get this song and relate to this song. I felt like the guys in my fan base, I feel like that’s the kind of girl they’re looking for or either they have already. So, I just felt like it was a good message to put out there and just a great song to give me kind of the opportunity to shake things up production-wise

“Hometown Girl” is his first chart-topping song since “All Over Me” was No. 1 in 2010.

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