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Kalie Shorr Shares New Song, ‘Amy’



Kalie Shorr’s new song, “Amy,” is available everywhere now.

Produced by Butch Walker (Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Green Day), “Amy” was written by Shorr, Candi Carpenter and John Caldwell and is the first track released from Shorr’s forthcoming EP, set for release later this year. Additional details to be announced soon.

Reflecting on the song, Shorr shares, “Sometimes a song that pours out of me is from hurt and sometimes it’s from anger. ‘Amy’ is from both, and it came from a cathartic writing session with my friends Candi Carpenter and John Caldwell. I’d been working on this song idea for two and half years. After we finished it, I randomly decided to put an acoustic version of the song up on TikTok. I didn’t realize how many people had been in a similar position and needed a song to let them know they weren’t alone in that hurt. I never expected that response, I never expected two million people to see it, and I certainly never expected that I would get to record the song with Butch Walker.

Anyone who knows me knows that his music (and the music he’s produced) has been the soundtrack to my life. And now it still is, just a lot more literally. My music has always been honest and unfiltered, and it’s been so eye opening, from Open Book to ‘Amy,’ to see how being vulnerable about your hurt can lead directly to healing.” 

Walker adds, “Kalie posted a 30 second video of her song ‘Amy’ on acoustic guitar on TikTok. That’s all I really needed to hear. I was already a big fan of her voice and her personality as an artist…BUT…the song immediately caught my ears, and the lyrics are honest and brutal. I kinda like that in a song!” 

The new song continues a series of breakout years for Shorr. Her critically acclaimed debut album, Open Book, was released in 2019 with its deluxe edition, Open Book: Unabridged, following this past December.

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