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Kassi Ashton Releases ‘Field Party’ Video



Kassi Ashton, one of the most compelling rising stars in Nashville, has unveiled the new music video for her song “Field Party“. The upbeat, anthemic song calls for nothing short of a fun and energetic party, and that’s exactly what the video delivers. The clip features Kassi with her friends in a field outside of an old factory in Nashville, TN, celebrating, drinking and dancing the night away.

Refinery29 premiered the video, lauding it a “vibrant, playful music video.” Read Kassi’s interview with Refinery29 HERE.

The music video was directed by Kirstin Barlowe, with whom Kassi collaborated previously for “Violins” and “Pretty Shiny Things.” “Field Party” was officially released on June 28th, 2019 and was produced by Luke Laird and co-written by Kassi.

“We all celebrate the same. We all want to be with people we love, get loose without judgement, and be happy. That’s what I wanted – the trippiest field party that anyone has ever seen, with people of all colors, styles, and backgrounds celebrating each other. So that’s what we did,” says Kassi. “We actually had a party and filmed it. There was beer in my hair and the fun you see wasn’t staged. We might even do it again next year and invite y’all. My Queen Kristin Barlowe did it again.”

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