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Kassi Ashton Releases New Song “I Don’t Go Back”



Kassi Ashton I Don't Go Back

Kassi Ashton has shared her new song “I Don’t Go Back,” written by Ashton with Luke Laird and Hillary Lindsey.

I’m a moving on, straight ahead. Eyes on the road always does me best.  I’m out with the old, in with the new.  Yeah, I don’t go back but if I did, it’d be to you,” sings Kassi. “I don’t miss who I was, I’m exactly where I wanna be now.  These ain’t tears, this ain’t no flood.  It’s just a song that I can’t turn down.” 

“My favorite part of songwriting is giving someone a real piece of myself from a certain time in my life,” shares Kassi. “It’s more than sharing a picture and it’s more than sharing a story; it’s sharing a feeling. When I wrote this song in 2017 with Luke and Hillary, we all put a piece of ourselves in it. I hope you listen and feel and find a piece of yourself too.”

Listen to “I Don’t Go Back” HERE

Kassi’s debut radio single, “Dates In Pickup Trucks,” is playing now on country radio. She also makes several appearances at next week’s CMA Fest in Nashville including a performance on the Chevy Vibes Stage on Saturday, June 11.

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