Kassi Ashton Shares New Song, ‘Black Motorcycle’


Kassi Ashton has shared her new song, “Black Motorcycle”. The song accompanies the announcement of Kassi’s partnership with Harley-Davidson® as one of its brand ambassadors. The track caught the attention of Harley-Davidson® when Kassi performed for employees in Wisconsin last year. Her lifelong passions for music and motorcycles resulted in a unique partnership that connects her audience with the iconic brand.

“I grew up on motorcycles and to me they’ve always felt like freedom mixed with a tiny bit of discipline,” says Kassi. “Part of what drew me to motorcycles, was not just that Dad always had one and Mom was always on the back of one – it was that when Dad would pick me up on the back of his motorcycle, it was this freeing moment to breathe.”

The bond Kassi shares with her father over their love of motorcycles- Harley’s in particular- was further realized when the pair visited the Harley-Davidson Museum® last November and received a private tour of the H-D archives in Milwaukee, Wisc. Watch the video of Kassi and her dad “geeking out” at the Harley-Davidson Museum® HERE.

Describing the inspiration behind “Black Motorcycle,” Kassi explains, “I’ve always in my head kind of considered my music motorcycle country. I like music with weight at the bottom. That’s freeing and moving, but still sits down here,” she says while motioning to the pit in her stomach. “Part of my love for that being gritty and bottom-ended comes from the sound of a motorcycle. When you sit on it and it rumbles through you – I want the music to do the same thing.”

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