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Kate Ellis – ‘Ones You Love The Most’



Kate Ellis is an Americana singer-songwriter, who was born in Louisiana, grew up in New York and is now based in London, England. Having performed in festivals and concerts across the USA, London and Paris, the timeless sound of her music reflects her love of classic singer-songwriters from Gram Parsons and Gillian Welch, to Mary Chapin Carpenter, Leonard Cohen and Nanci Griffith.

Kate’s southern country-folk roots come from her father, an important early musical influence who once played guitar with Hank Williams on the famous Louisiana Hayride, where Elvis and Johnny Cash started out. The story of her upbringing provides an interesting background to her musical journey – as well as being a musician, her father worked as an architect and academic in Manhattan, and her mother was a prominent New York magazine editor. Although Kate had a natural talent for classical piano and art in her early years, she found herself following a different path before pursuing music, attending law school and eventually becoming a lawyer.

Kate’s emotional and seductive vocals take you into a world of private beauty, reflection and feelings. The music is always intimate and evocative – you listen and want to be there. A journalist for the Observer commented: “Kate Ellis writes hauntingly beautiful songs and has an amazing voice, I’m a fan!” While said: “Kate’s contemporary country-folk classic sound, and a voice best described as a cross between Emmylou Harris and Suzanne Vega, make her debut album eagerly anticipated.”

Her debut single ‘Ones You Love The Most’ is out now on all digital platforms.

In her own words: “It tells stories (Short Cuts-style) of a cast of characters, from different backgrounds and circumstances, all living out this same heart-breaking reality in their lives, in different ways and with different consequences. The choruses were inspired by someone I knew who left her children, believing it was the best thing for everyone. In the first chorus, I had an image in my mind of the children being left behind by a mother who believes wholeheartedly that she is doing the right thing, but can’t see the awful reality of the pain she’s leaving behind for others to endure.” Referencing the sound of the song, she said: “The recording has that train rolling down the tracks feel of some Johnny Cash songs, and echoes of a New Orleans-style marching band.”

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